Going Green: AME joins FSU Sustainable Campus



The AME building has been recently certified as a Green Office at Florida State University. As part of this program, academic departments and research centers at FSU set goals and implement green practices in areas including; energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, transportation, IT, and purchasing. By completing sustainability objectives, organizations contribute to the mission of FSU Sustainable Campus: promoting resource conservation while benefiting via cost savings.



Florida State University’s Sustainable Campus works to educate and engage students, staff, and faculty to set an example of campus sustainability and position FSU as a leader of environmental and social action.

Our educational efforts, community outreach, and programs work alongside the greater campus efforts and operations to provide everyone with the ability to develop, apply, and practice sustainability. Our efforts seek to conserve  resources at FSU and strengthen the positive impact our university leaves upon the local and global environment for generations to come.