Faculty Highlight: Kourosh Shoele, Ph.D.

AME is very excited to now house the Computational and Theoretical Multiphysics Laboratory of Dr. Kourosh Shoele! Kourosh has been very busy lately, applying mathematical and computational tools to assist in the missions of the center. Dr. Shoele has recently been awarded grants from NSF (CAREER Award) as well as NASA--not to mention, his DARPA young faculty award! He's even collaborating with our Mechatronics researchers to assist in problems of biomechanics. With the recent renovation of AME's computational physics lab, Kourosh and his team will be collaborating even closer to other computational and mechanical engineering researchers. Kudos Kourosh!

Prestigious DARPA Award: Dr. Kourosh Shoele

AME is proud to announce that Dr. Kourosh Shoele is a recent recipient of DARPA's Young Faculty Award! The long-term goal of DARPA’s Young Faculty Award program is to develop the next generation of academic scientists, engineers and mathematicians who will focus significant portions of their careers on Department of Defense and national security issues. Congratulations, Dr. Shoele!