The discipline of aero-propulsion deals with transportation systems and other objects that move through air, influencing the design and fabrication of aircraft, spacecraft, automotive transport, and all manner of vehicles in motion. The relevant research areas cover fundamental science topics such as aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, acoustics, thermal physics, and turbulence as well as practical applications such as combustion improvement, active control of flow separation, supersonic jet noise suppression, lift/thrust enhancement and drag reduction, etc.


Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical, electrical, control, and computer systems to create functional products. It has become the enabling technology responsible for many industrial innovations in all economic sectors including: automotives, alternative energy, aerospace, electronics, defense, etc. Within the research community, the field of mechatronics generally covers topics such as robotics, Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS), intelligent systems, automated guided vehicles, and smart materials.


Seeking new energy resources that are more efficient, cost effective and mitigate environmental impacts is among the most critical issues that the world will have to grapple with in the 21st century. Energy deals with the issues such as the development of advanced energy storage and conversion devices, thermal optimization of power systems, modeling and control of high power density electronics modules and the development of a nationwide, interoperable Smart Grid.

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