Welcome New REU MASS Students!

Above: The AME Center offers collaborative workspaces for undergrduate, graduate, and researchers to interact and assist each other with complex problems. Who knows what awesome ideas are born here daily?!

The REU program goal is to provide undergraduate students in mechanical engineering and related fields an opportunity to participate in ongoing active research programs, including the development of micro air vehicles, multi-modal robots, active flow control, aeroacoustics, sensors and actuators, smart materials, energy harvesting and storage, etc.. The multidisciplinary nature of these projects will engage students in cross-cutting technologies by inspiring the integration and synthesis of ideas and facilitating a better understanding of engineering design at the system level.

The program recruits undergraduate students in engineering for an educational enhancement program that will involve them directly in advanced research activities within the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering (CoE), Tallahassee, Florida. The unified theme of MASS will mesh well with our signature research endeavors such as the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP) and the Aero-propulsion, Mechatronics and Energy (AME) Research Center, which will provide an excellent setting for this program. The strategic alignment of this REU site with our burgeoning research programs and a state of the art facility will provide an abundance of intellectual/human resources as well as the research and administrative infrastructure needed to carry out the mission of effectively integrating education and research.

Here are this year's fellows and their associated summer projects:


Project Title

Devon Foster

Aerodynamic characterization of a missile configuration

Justin Larson

Autonomous quadrupedal locomotion in varied terrains

Hannah Rodgers

Design and Control of dynamic, multi-modal robots

Melanie Monroe

Bluff body aerodynamics

Dylan Swart


Arrah Calvin

Vortex asymmetry at high angles of incidence

Essence McClinton

Study of a Resolution Improvement for SCARA based 3D Printers

Nikolas Payne

Active Attenuation of a Trailing Vortex Inspired by Stability

Franchino Chambers

3D Printing Degradable and Conductive Plastics

Danielle Carr

Variable Stiffness Mechanism for Bio-Inspired Applications

Michenell Louis-Charles

Active Flow Control of a high-lift airfoil

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