Supersonic Wind Tunnel

The supersonic wind tunnel at FCAAP is an intermittent blow down type facility. Tests can be carried out over a range of subsonic and supersonic Mach numbers with the current design's ease of nozzle replacement. The present test section is 101 mm wide, 76 mm high, and 381 mm long, with the side walls and floor made from optical quality glass for flow visualization and particle image velocimetry (PIV). The roof of the test section is removable for model mounting.


Operational/Test Capabilities
Mach Numbers = 03-0.7, 1.5 & 2.
Test Cross Section = 101 mm x 76 mmRun Duration = Up to 10 min

Diagnostics and Test Hardware

  • Steady and Unsteady pressure measurements
  • Flow visualization using shadowgraph and schlieren techniques
  • Two and three component Particle Image Velocimetry
  • High-speed cameras with frame rates up to 600,000 fps
  • High resolution Background Oriented Schlieren
  • Signal conditioning system including amplifiers and band-pass filters
  • High speed Simultaneously sampling data acquisition cards

R&D Activities

  • Virtual Shock Shaping using microjets
  • Characterization of 3D Shock Boundary Layer Interaction
  • Subsonic and supersonic cavity flow control - open and closed loop
  • Active and adaptive flow control
  • Research supported by AFOSR, DARPA, Boeing & NASA



Supervisor: Dr. Rajan Kumar,

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