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The Aero-Propulsion, Mechatronics and Energy (AME) Center at the Florida State University focuses on the development of transformational research programs to foster cross-cutting technologies while integrating with exemplary educational and professional training programs. The synergistic assimilation of these three interdisciplinary groups of aero-propulsion, mechatronics and energy is based on the past records of for these groups to build successful partnership, recent research accomplishments and the prospect of developing university-produced innovations ready to transition to commercial applications with national and global significance.

Additionally, AME Center is serving as the local hub for the FSU Southwest Campus by linking all neighboring research centers, including as NHMFL, CAPS, HPMI, IESES, ASC, through the coordination of cross-disciplinary research, educational and outreach activities. The long-term educational, research and economic benefits of the proposed interdisciplinary AME integration are derived from

  1. The advancement of knowledge and discovery otherwise not possible with individual researchers working alone
  2. The enhancement of human capital by organizing professional development program, educational curricula and outreach activities for the cultivation of well-trained, highly skilled workforce
  3. The creation of pioneering innovations with long-term economic impacts through the promotion of entrepreneurship and successful commercialization of new technologies

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