Understanding complex flow fields is of key interest for developing novel and efficient flow control methodologies applicable to aerospace, automotive, and marine applications.   Research in this field at AME spans characterization and modeling of fundamental flow physics and utilization of such knowledge to engineer flow control actuators and feedback control designs for enhanced manueverability, lower noise, and higher efficiency.  In pursuit of such challenges, we utilize advanced experimental facilities and novel computational methodologies to explain fluid dynamic interactions over broad ranges of operating regimes.


Research that combines complex mechanisms and advanced electronics focused on a variety of robotics designs and control methodologies at AME.  A major challenge in this field pertains to exploitation of bio-inspired systems that can adapt to their surroundings while efficiently navigating through cluttered and unpredictable terrains. This may include legged robotic systems that navigate dynamically on ground and up walls, for example.  Aerial vehicles are also of interest where we are developing novel systems that can navigate autonomously without GPS and communicate with ground vehicles.


The storage and transfer of energy is critical to practically all types of engineering systems and devices.  At AME we are focused on advanced battery technology, fuel cell research, and high temperature sensing for combustion applications.  Advances in lithium-ion based capacitors that exhibit high energy density and fatigue resistance to charging cycles is one major research emphasis.  The utilization of carbon nanotubes and nanofibers in various forms is also under development to design high performance fuel cells.  Manufacturing optical based pressure sensing is also under development for applications at temperatures exceeding 1000 Celsius.






Please step in and take a look at internal panoramic virtual tour of many state-of-the-art facilities in the AME Center.  These world-class facilities are designed and operated by AME faculty to carry out externally funded research projects and educational programs to train the next generation of engineering workforce.




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Multi-Physics of Active Sytems and Structures.

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